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Coolat​ta Lounge Records


:: Out Now ::

:: Jason Shapiro - "J.R.S. Mix 2020-2021" ::

Out now on Coolatta Lounge! Deluxe reissue of Jason Shapiro’s wild “J.R.S. Mix 2020-2021” tape that fried our minds last summer. Super catchy, nasty auto-tuned power pop psychosis.

A truly insane mix of songs Jason recorded over 2020-2021…. it defies genre but somehow all works together perfectly. Hard to even draw comparisons to.. every song takes you to a different place from shreddy fried pop to Mariokart music to heartfelt ballads. Kinda reminiscent of early Ween but in a totally unique style. Killer ass songwriting that will get stuck in your head immediately. Encapsulating life’s barf, beauty, agony and glory all on the same tape. Featuring 2 new bonus tracks not included on the original tape.

Cassette/Download available HERE!